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Goodbye Canon 7d – Boston Photographer Sam Haddix

It’s hard to  believe, but it’s been close to a year since I made the transition into full-time photographer. I could never have made that frightening leap from my 9-5 job without the unwavering support of my family, friends, and of course, Ms. Kaylee Greer, my partner in both life and photography. I’m getting a bit sentimental because I’ve just placed my Canon EOS 7d up for sale. This was the camera I used on my first paying shoot. The first camera I used to shoot with my first monolight. This camera helped me through a lot of firsts, and it’s slightly painful to watch it go. To commemorate it’s transition to another loving home, I’ve dug through my old photos, and found some of my favorites taken with the 7d. Most of time, I hate to look at my old work, because all I can see are the imperfections, and all the areas that need improvement; lighting, composition, photoshop techniques, everything. But for now it’s worth a little trip down memory lane with the camera I learned with, and all the people that let me take their photos.


PS. In case you were wondering, I’ve been shooting with the Canon 5D Mark iii since it was released, and am absolutely loving it! :)

Boston Photographer | Sam Haddix

Replacing Skies with Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – Sam Haddix Photography – Boston Photographer

Boston Photographer | Sam Haddix

Aveda’s Green Carpet Runway Show

Last night I had the privilege of shooting for Aveda at their Green Carpet Runway Show at The Vault in downtown Boston. Close to twenty salons were participating in this Earth Month event, which helped raised money for Clean Water Fund. Each salon was given the task of dressing a model using only recycled materials, with a spending limit of $50. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much creativity from so many talented people. There were dresses made out of comic books, trash bags, balloons, you name it. One model even had a dress that, when scanned by your iPhone, would bring you to Aveda’s website.

The event itself was more successful then anticipated, and The Vault quickly became filled to capacity (or possibly over) with people excited for the event. From a photographer’s standpoint, it was an incredibly challenging shoot, considering that -

1. The venue was unbelievably dark.

2. The models did not actually stop at the end of the runway, they actually walked beyond the runway, to make a turn in front of the judges, so they were always moving.

3. There was a truly insane amount of iPhones being jammed in front of my lens as I was trying to get clean shots.

That being said, I’m pretty happy with the images I got, although I know I must be missing one or two of the models, which I’m disappointed in.

My good friends at Zona Salons won the prize for Best Hair, so we did a congratulatory photo shoot just outside the club (during which my light was toppled over by the wind, breaking it instantly :P ). Also, I took one of the photos of their model Becky (taken on the runway) and made it a bit more fantastical.

All in all it was a great time, and I’m truly looking forward to working more with Aveda and Zona in the future!

Tasia – Boston Musician Photo Shoot

I won’t lie, photo shoots with musicians are my favorite. Being a Berklee graduate myself, I have always found musicians to be kindred spirits who understand and appreciate the importance of having great promo shots. This week I had the pleasure of shooting Tasia, a very talented vocalist from the Greater Boston Area. We went on a short hiking adventure, snapping some photos along the way. My favorite shot of the day was taken on the deck of an old boat house we came across. Here are some photos from the shoot!


Stay tuned for a lot more Boston band and musician photography coming soon!

Behind the Scenes – Zona Salon Shoot


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