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Tutorial Tuesdays – Simple Lighting Effects in Photoshop CS5

Inspiration Mondays – Dave Hill

All images © Dave Hill


There are some people that are just so talented you want to punch them right in the face (which I believe to be a most sincere form of flattery). Dave Hill is one of those people. Never has the world scene such epic, detailed photos. All of HIll’s subjects are lit and shot separately, and the composited together into a single breathtaking image. You can see him in action on his website, and it’s a truly inspiring process.

Oh, plus he gets to shoot wrestlers. Awesome.

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Photoshoot Fridays – Chicago






Shooting the band Chicago was an amazing opportunity and a very rewarding experience. It was great to be so close to such a legendary group, with almost no shooting restrictions. For the majority of the shots I used my 70-200mm 2.8, which allowed me to get some great closeup shots of the band.  The rotating stage, along with the constantly changing colored lights made for some challenges during the shoot, but all in all it was a fantastic time! Oh, and the music was pretty decent. ;)
















Dog Breath Thursdays – Lyla, Mufasa, & Caesar




Another week at the MSPCA brings me another slew of gorgeous faces to share with you…..



Tutorial Tuesdays – Compositing Tips


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