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Photoshoot Fridays – Dave & Diana

Dave and Diana are… unique. There’s really no other way to put it. Not only did they decide to get married at a bowling alley in Davis Square, but they actually managed to make it into a wonderful, memorable event. Oh, and did I mention the wedding was a Yelp event?

In many ways they’ve had the perfect start to their new marriage; surrounded by their friends, family, and Yelpers, with free pizza, drinks, and cupcakes (oh, and free bowling of course!).

Congratulations Dave and Diana! :)



Dog Breath Thursdays – Snowflake and Schatzie



Each and every time I visit the MSPCA to do my weekly photo round – something wonderful happens. This week, that something wonderful was the last cage on the right at the very end of the dog holding room…








Music Wednesdays – Apollo Starfleet

Ok, this one might be biased, but Apollo Starfleet is a band I believe in. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them on several occasions, most recently directing their upcoming music video for the song “The Waiting Game.” I can honestly say that I wouldn’t involve myself so closely with a band unless their music totally rocked. And it does.

Apollo Starfleet has taken an interesting route to releasing their latest album “…In Love and War”. Instead of a single release of fifteen songs, the full album is broken down into three smaller EP’s, to be released a few months apart. In “Act 1″, the band comes out of the gate full swing with the single “Take Me to the Chorus or Lose Me Forever”. The shortened format of the EP makes sure that there’s never a dull moment. In fact, it practically begs to be listened to over and over, which is easy to do considering the catchy melodies, evocatively longing lyrics, and abundant harmonies.

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Tutorial Tuesdays – Rainbow Eye Shadow in Photoshop CS5

Inspiration Mondays – Trey Ratcliff

All images © Trey Ratcliff

Ever heard of HDR photography?

No? Ok, let me blow your mind…

Yes? Well, let me introduce you to the master.

Trey Ratcliff has been at the forefront of High Dynamic Range photography since it’s inception. He even has the first HDR photo to hang at the Smithsonian. For years, Trey’s website, has featured the most gorgeous HDR photos from all across the globe. The best part about the site? Trey doesn’t hold anything back. You want to know how to make an HDR? He’ll show you exactly how he does it… for free. He also has great recommendations on gear and software. It’s really a treasure-trove of information, and a great place to just sit and go “oooooh, ahhhhh.”

Go “oooooh, ahhhh” here:



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